Neurology is to study and to deal with the disorders related to Nervous system. It is a branch of medicine which is to diagnose the disorders and to provide suitable treatment to all categories of the disorders, disease and conditions involving peripheral and central nervous system and their subdivisions.

Neurologists are the group of people who specializes in performing these complex treatments and diagnosis. They are trained to diagnose, treat and manage patients who have neurological disorders. They are also involved in clinical research, basic and translational research and clinical trials. They also treat and diagnose the disorders of musculoskeletal systems.

Neurology is highly dependent on the Neuroscience, as it implements the outcome of the Neuroscience to treat and diagnose the disorders. Neurology and Psychiatry often overlaps with each other but there is a significant line/ boundary between them relating to their treatment which is ill-defined.

The scope of Neurology is widening as the scientific advancements exploring the new techniques as well as disorders to deal with their occurrence and their treatment.