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15th International Conference on

Neurology, Neuroscience and Neuromuscular Disorders

Theme: Scientific advancements and explorations in the field of Neurology and Neuroscience

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Conference Speaker

Walter Schubert

International Human Toponome Project, Toposnomos Ltd

Conference Speaker

Dian Baker

California State University

Conference Speaker

Trevor Archer

University of Gothenburg

Conference Speaker

Galina Mindlin

Mount Sinai

Conference Speaker

Giulio Maria Pasinetti

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Conference Speaker

Crissy Accordino

Specialty Care - IONM Division

Conference Speaker

Chia-Chun Chiang

Mayo Clinic

Conference Speaker

Ken Yaegaki

Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry

Conference Speaker

Steven Benvenisti

Davis, Saperstein & Salomon Personal Injury Law Firm NJ & NY

Conference Speaker

Masako Okawa

Tokyo Medical University

Conference Speaker

Michael Kleerekoper

University of Toledo

Conference Speaker

Lena Ehrhard

Institute for EEG-Neurofeedback Munich

Tracks & Key Topics

Neurology Conference 2020

About Conference

On the behalf of Organising Committee, we extend our warm welcome to the entire participant for the “14th International Conference on Neurology, Neuroscience and Neuromuscular Disorders” in the month of Novmber on 23-24, 2020 in the most liveable city of Rome, ItalyNeurology Conference 2020 has an intriguing theme “Scientific advancements and explorations in the field of Neurology and Neuroscience”.

We are very delighted to bring it in your notice Neurology Conference 2020 is the conference hosted and operated by the experts from around the globe having expertise in various area of Neurology and Neuroscience. This conference will bring eminent personalities, scientists, doctors, professors, associates, exhibitors, business persons, neurologists, neuroscientists, from the various corners of the world together under one roof to share their knowledge and research with each other to benefit one another and to utilise those researches and knowledge in good for Humanity.

As of today, Neurological disorders and problems are becoming fierce regarding this we have to come together and spread the knowledge and awareness among other and societies, so that we can fight and be mentally prepared to confront these diseases. Neurology Conference 2020 appeals to you to participate in this conference as much as you can by various means so that we can put you efforts in good faith.

Neurology Conference 2020 is organized by EuroSciCon Ltd, which provides various opportunities to get participated in this esteemed conference.

Opportunities at the conference:

  • Keynote Speech
  • Oral Presentation
  • Video Presentation
  • Poster Presentation
  • Young Research Forum
  • Student Poster Presentation
  • Exhibition
  • Sponsorship
  • Delegate
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Business networking

Why to attend?

Every time, this question clicks in every mind. Neurology Conference 2020 aims to bring the Neurologists, Neuroscientists, Doctors, Medical Practitioner, Psychiatrists, Neurosurgeons, Neuroradiologists, Business Face, Students, Post-doctorates and academic professional from various countries from the Earth to share what is there experience, study, research, knowledge and the products in the path of Neurological Disorders, their cure, diagnosis to develop various techniques and to use Neurogenetics and Neuroimmunology to design novel drugs and pharmaceuticals for good purposes.

Neurology Conference 2020 will provide an international platform to scientific, academic and other researcher to spread their knowledge worldwide. Some key points:

  • Platform to showcase the research
  • Workshops, Expo areas, Sessions
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Keynote speech by Professors and Eminent Personalities
  • Educational Workshops
  • Interaction with well-established companies in the world
  • Having exposure to new technologies and advancements in the field
  • And many more…

Target Audiences:



Track 1: Neurology

Neurology is to address and to treat the disorders and issues of Nervous system. Neurology is concerned with the diagnosis and treat the neurological disorders related with nerves, brain functioning, brain oncology, vessels, muscles, peripheral nervous system and central nervous system (CNS). The detailed study of these parts of the body aids to get the broader picture of the issues related to Neurological disorders which are carried out with the help of Neuroscience.

Neurologists are here to perform the complex treatments involved in Neurological disorders and they are the physicians who have done their speciality course in Neurology and have much broader knowledge to take care of these medical problems. They spent almost 13 years to train themselves and expose themselves to these medical conditions to serve the Neurological patients and treat them with the precision. In USA, it takes around 13 years to be a full Neurologist. In Germany, They have to get additional training in Psychology. In UK, it is a subdivision of General Medicine course.

Neurology dependency on Neuroscience is increasing day by day as the science is becoming advanced these days. Neuroscience is                yielding new discoveries in and lending a hand to Neurology to address the Neurological disorders with more precision. Neurology is associated with other branch as Psychology, Neurosurgery, Neurobiology and Oncology.

The scope of Neurology is widening as the scientific advancements exploring the new techniques as well as neurological disorders to deal with their occurrence and their treatment.                                                                                                                                          

Track 2: Neuroscience

Neuroscience is to study and explore the biology of Nervous system. It is a multifaceted branch of science which goes closely with other branch like psychology, neurology, linguistics, philosophy, mathematics, neurochemistry, computer science and medicine. It also addresses science behind the perception, memory, learning, consciousness and behaviour.

Neuroscientists are the physician who practices it and focuses on the brain and its activity. They also monitor the impact of brain on human behaviour and human cognitive functions. Neuroscientist has the option to choose between various disciplines of Neuroscience field.
Researches in this field can help us to have better picture how brain works, and brain associated
with other body functions and diseases related to it.

With the increasing scientific development and researches in Neuroscience, right now we have much better knowledge of various Neurological disorders.

These Neurological disorders are:

1.       Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

2.       Addiction

3.       Parkinson’s Disease

4.       Schizophrenia

5.       Epilepsy

6.       Autistic Spectrum Disorders

7.       Down Syndrome

8.       Multiple Sclerosis and others

Neuroscience is helping to have a better understanding of Neurological disorders in order to provide better healthcare to the patients.                                  

Track 3: Neuropsychiatry

It deals with the mental disorders referable to disorders or disease of nervous system. It is closely related psychiatryneuropsychology, and behavioural neurology, growing subsequently.

Some disorders:

Track 4: Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a medical speciality which deals with the rehabilitation, diagnosis, surgical treatment and prevention of disorders which have the potential to affect any part of nervous system.  It includes the nervous system of spine, brain, cerebrovascular system and peripheral nerves.

Main Divisions:

Some neurosurgery methods are neuroradiology, endoscopic surgery, stereotaxy, conventional open surgery, microsurgery, and others.

Neurosurgeons are the one who specializes to perform surgeries related to Neurology and Neuroscience. Some diseases or conditions treated by neurosurgeons are hydrocephalus, spinal cord trauma, moyamoya disease, meningitis, spinal disc herniation and others.

Track 5: Psychology

The science of mind and behaviour with flavour of feelings and thought including consciousness and unconsciousness is known as Psychology. The aim of Psychology is to understand the properties of the brain to use it in understanding the behaviour of an individual and individual in group.

The people who practice Psychology as a profession are called Psychologist. They mainly explore the mental process and behaviour of an individual including brain functioning, cognition, phenomenology, perception, attention, emotion, personality and motivation.

Applied Psychology can be classified as clinical, behaviour analysis, forensic, critical, neuropsychology.

Psychological data can be used to assess and treat mental health problems, understanding and solving the problem related to human activity.                                                                                                                                

Track 6: Neuro-oncology and Brain Tumors

Neuro-oncology is related to the study of spinalbrain tumors and neoplasms. The worst brain tumors or neoplasms are gliomas of pons and brainstem, brain stem tumors and glioblastoma multiforme.

Brain tumors are abnormal cell growth or abnormal cell formation inside the brain. The reason behind the brain cancer or tumor is unknown. There are basically two types of tumors: malignant and benign.

The most commonly used treatments to get rid of these deadly tumors are neurosurgical interventions, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, radiotherapy and surgery.

Survival rate of patients having brain tumors or cancer is very low and it depends on age of the patient, type of tumor, body composition of the patients and various other factors.

Track 7: Pediatric Neurology

Child Neurology is a specialized branch of Neurology, which deals with the abnormalities of the Nervous system in children. This specialized branch of medicine includes or encompasses the abnormalities or disease of brain, spinal cord, blood vessels, autonomic nervous system, muscles and peripheral nervous systems.

The professional practitioner of Pediatric Neurology is called as Pediatric Neurologists. They specializes in this field how to figure out the treatment of neurological abnormalities found in children, infants or adolescent.

Some conditions in Pediatric Neurology:

Track 8: Neurogenetics

Neurogenetics is an emerging field or research, and its research contributes to understanding of function and development of nervous system. It is mainly focused on the study of Neuroscience and genetics to draw a conclusion related to neurological disorders and explaining the functioning, treatment and cause of the respected disorder.

Neurogenetics has a wide area of research and is growing very fast.  As one area of Neurogenetics, deals with the behavioural and cognitive aspect of it. Another area is focused on functioning of proteins, cell signalling, release of neurotransmitter, repair and development of cells and neuronal plasticity.

Methods of research:

  • Human Research
  • Animal Research
  • Statistical analysis
  • Recombinant DNA

Track 9: Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder in which the nerve cells of brain starts functioning abnormally and leads to seizures. It is a group of neurological disorders. The reason of epilepsy is unknown.

But most of them occur because of stroke, birth defects, brain injury, brain tumors, and infection of brain through a process named as Epileptogenesis.

Seizures are the result of abnormal and in high amount of neuronal activity in the brain. During Seizure, person experiences very strange behaviour, symptoms, and sensations which sometimes lead to loss of consciousness. They can be controllable through medication. When it does not response to medication dietary changes, surgery or neurostimulation is considered.

The numbers of the epilepsy is very high as 80% of the cases are from developing countries.

It is more common in old age people.

Track 10: Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease which slowly disables the brain. In this disease, individual’s immune system attacks its own protective sheath of the nerve system. It leads to the improper communication between brain and body. This results in signs and symptoms of mental, physical and psychiatric problems. Eventually, this disease can cause the permanent damage or deteriorate them.

The cause of this Disease is blurred but it is believed that it is possible because of the failure of myelin producing cells or by the destruction of immune system. It is the most common disease initiated by immune system to affect the central nervous system (CNS).

There is no cure for the Multiple Sclerosis. Physical therapy has proven itself to be a good option available to fight it back and helps people to normal functioning.

There are some types of Multiple Sclerosis:

Track 11: Neuroimaging

It is also known as Brain Imaging. It uses a group of various techniques to map or image the function, structure or pharmacology of nervous system. It is totally a new discipline or area within psychologymedicine and Neuroscience. The professional practitioner or the one who specializes in this technique are known as Neuroradiologists.

Neuroimaging has two broad categories: first one is Structural imaging; this area focuses on imaging of nervous system and large scale intracranial disease. Second one is Functional Imaging; this area focuses on diagnosing metabolic disease on a finer scale and for research purposes also.

Neuroimaging techniques:

Track 12: Alzheimers and Dementia

Alzheimer is a neurodegenerative disease which advances with time and destroys pateint’s memory and other important mental functions. Symptoms of Alzheimer are difficulty in remembering events, mood swings, problem with language and disorientation. In most of cases, it is found that Alzheimer leads to Dementia.

Dementia is a category of brain disease which causes a long term and high decrease in individual’s ability to think and remember. In Dementia, Consciousness of an individual is not affected. Symptoms of Dementia are decreased motivation, decreased ability to think and remember, problems with language and emotional problems.

There is no cure for both the disease. As some proven methods for the prevention is prevent obesity, smoking, prevent high blood pressure, early education, exercise and social engagement can help the patient in recovering to an extent.

Track 13: Neuropathology

Neuropathology is the study of disease related to nervous system tissue. The study related to Neuropathology is conducted by small surgical biopsies or whole body autopsies. This pathological study can be associated with forensic pathology as brain injury can be related to the cause of death.

Neuropathologists are the one specialized in neuropathology. Their work mainly consists of examining tissue from brain and spinal cord through biopsy to get conclusion on diagnosis of a disease.

Track 14: Movement Disorders

These disorders are group of nervous system conditions that cause abnormal movement or increased movement, which may or may not be voluntary or involuntary. These disorders can cause slow or oose movements. They are divided in two categories- hyperkinetic and hypokinetic.

Hyperkinetic movement disorders refer to repetitive, dyskinesia or excessive involuntary movements. Hypokinetic movement disorders refer to reduced movement, akinesia, and rigidity. Movement disorders have been known to be associated with autoimmune disease.

Some movement disorders:

Track 15: Neuroimmunology

Neuroimmunology as the name suggest that it is a combination of Neuroscience (study of nervous system) and Immunology (study of immune system). Neuroimmunology plays a vital role in getting a conclusion that how to approach for the treatment of various neurological disordersNeuroinflammation and neuroimmune activation have shown to play a role to know the cause of various neurological disease and disorders.

Neuroimmunologists are there to discover or decipher the mysteries of various neurological disorders related to immune systemNeuroimmunology also contributes in drug designing and to produce various novel drugs for various disorders related to nervous system.

This area is a research based area with having a large span of untouched fields to be discovered. Neuroimmunology can provide us more insights in neuroimmunological diseases. This also helps in designing neural implants.

Track 16: Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system in brain and spinal cord. They do not self-reproduce and replace themselves as a result if they die our body cannot replace them.

Neurodegenerative diseases are related to the destruction of neurons of brain and spinal cord. These diseases are beyond cure and leads to the death of neurons and ultimately results in neurological disorders.

Some Neurodegenerative diseases are:

Track 17: Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder. In this nervous system is affected as the period of disease increase. It affects Central Nervous System and is a long term neurological disorder which affects the motor system of the body. Symptoms related to this disorder show themselves slowly with the time.

It is believed that the main cause of this disease lies in the genetics of individual and environmental factors, but it is not clearly defined.

The main symptoms of this disease are shaking of body parts, slow movement of hands and inflexible muscles. Risk factors associated with this disease are age, sex, hereditary and environmental toxins. The complication which can an individual suffers is difficulties in thinking, swallowing problems, depression, sleep disorders, constipation and others.

The reason behind the Parkinson’s disease is still unknown that is the reason that its cure is still a mystery.

Track 18: Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience is a branch of Neuroscience, which is concerned with the scientific studies of neural network and its mechanisms underlying cognition. It has a special focus on the neural network and their connections within the brain which are involved in mental processes.

Sometimes Cognitive Neuroscience overlaps with cognitive psychology. The method used in Cognitive Neuroscience includes the experimental procedures from cognitive psychology, psychophysics, affective Neuroscience, functional neuroimaging, behavioural genetics, and cognitive genomics.

Cognitive Neuroscience combines the computational neuroscience modelling and cognitive psychology to give birth to new theories about the brain. It is an emerging field of Neuroscience in which we are trying to control the functioning of our brain by studying the behaviour of the brain.

Track 19: Neuro-treatment methods

Neurological disease is the worst nightmare of an individual’s life. As the cause of those disorders are not known which leads us in darkness to perform the cure also. There are some therapies and procedures that a neurologist applies on the patient to make them better.

Some procedures are:

Track 20: Neurorehabilitation

Neurorehabilitation is a process to treat neurological disorders and to aim to recover from the nervous system injury or to minimize it as much as possible. These processes are very complex. The features of Neurorehabilitation are patient-focused, lifelong, holistic, resolving, participatory and inclusive care plans.

The mostly treated conditions through Neurorehabilitation are cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke recovery, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, and others.

This process includes language therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vision therapy, physiotherapy, and psychological therapy.

Track 21: Stroke

Stroke is a medical emergency condition in which blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced due to some reason, which results in decrease in oxygen and nutrients in brain. This interruption leads to the death of brain cells and eventually leads to death of an individual.

Symptoms of Stroke are difficulties in speaking, headache, paralysis or trouble in walking. It can be caused by any blocked artery leading towards the brain or bursting of blood vessels. The main risk factor for the Stroke is high blood pressure and other is obesity, smoking, diabetes, high blood cholesterol. Prevention for this is only by lowering the risk factors.

Track 22: Neurobiology

Neurobiology is the study of coordination of nerve cells into operational units which process information and controls behaviour and study of the nervous system.

Neurobiologists are the pioneers of this field. They have the knowledge and they research the various aspects of Neurobiology.

It is a discipline of Biology and Neuroscience both.                          

Neurobiology is a very complicated study as it includes studying the neurons which transfers the electrochemical impulses and they are very diverse in their functioning.


Market Analysis

Neurology and Neuroscience market was valued approximately Euro 25 billion in 2016 and was expected to grow at a rate of 3.1% CAGR over the next period. The influencing factors which affect the market value this medical field are Government initiatives on neuroscience, awareness, brain imaging, and brain mapping research, cognitive neuroscience research, and new technological advancement are going to help this sector to prosper to a new level.

According to a report, the global Neuroscience market will see high and rapid growth with the expected rate of 3.5% CAGR and reach the new high of USD 34,800 million by 2024. The major sectors of neuroscience which will affect it growth are:

·         Whole Brain Imaging     

·         Neuro-functional analysis

·         Stereotaxic surgeries

·         Neuro-microscopy

·         Neuro-proteomic analysis

·         Electrophysiology

The key player in the global market of Neurology and Neuroscience are GE Healthcare, Mightex Systems, Phoenix Technology Group, Prizmatix, Doric Lenses Inc, Siemens Healthineers, Laserglow Technologies, Kendall Research Systems, Med Associates and many others.

Here are some statistics for number of neuro-related cases, disorders or conditions:

According to Alzheimer’s disease Facts published by Alzheimer Association in 2017, 38% of population above 85+ in USA have this disease, 44% of population is between 75+, 16% of 65-74 age group, and 4% are from below 4%.

Regional market is dominated by USA as they are investing more in research of this area. It is believed that USA will dominate this sector for another decade. Other countries like European countries, China, Japan are actively contributing to grow its market cap in this field. As the artificial intelligence comes into consideration Cognitive Neuroscience is become a best area to invest the money and to get profit also.

Past Conference Report

With the immense support of Organising Committee, we successfully hosted the 13th edition of World Conference on Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorders was held in Frankfurt, Germany on October 1-2, 2018. The conference highlights the theme “Explore the New Technologies and Methodologies in Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorders”.

On behalf of Organising Committee, we express our gratitude towards those who helped this conference to be successful one. We are very thankful to all the attendees, delegates, keynote speakers, plenary speakers, business partners, poster presentor, moderators, chair and co-chair from around the globe.

The conference gave the attendees a pleasant ride through the recent advancement and new technologies delivered for the human mankind and welfare. This conference was thankful to its moderators: Lionel O Mavoungou, University of Lausanne, Switzerland and Sankar Bandyopadhyay, Penn State College of Medicine, USA for their immense support to this conference. We would like to thank our Chair and Co-chairs for organising the sessions so well: Anita Gopesh, University of Allahabad, India; Kostas Konstantopoulos, European University Cyprus, Cyprus and Sanjeev Gupta, Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Physiotherapy, India.

The conference provided beautiful insights in the field of Neurology and Neuroscience by marking some remarkable speeches by the keynote speakers: Sanjeev Gupta, Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Physiotherapy, India; Sri Krishnan, Ryerson University, Canada; Walter Schubert, Toposnomos Ltd, Germany; and Kostas Konstantopoulos, European University Cyprus, Cyprus. The conference and the attendees were very pleased to have these personalities among themselves as they delivered wonderful speeches in their respective area of researches.

Organisers offers its gratitude to all Organising Committee Members, Chairs and Co-chairs, Students, Speakers, Exhibitors, Media Partners and the board members of Journal of Neurology and Neurophysiology, Journal of Neurology and Neurosciences and Journal of Neurological Disorders who leads this conference towards success.

This conference was thankful to the venue H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe, Frankfurt, Germany which helps us in every possible way to reach the goal to make this conference a remarkable one.

We are obliged to our Organinsing Committee Member Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Physiotherapy, India to be very supportive and active toward the conference and for being there in the hour of need.

In the continuation of the 13th edition of the conference, we would like to welcome you at the 14th International Conference on Neurology, Neuroscience and Neuromuscular Disorders and to host you in Tokyo, Japan on June 17-18, 2019 for this time.

We sincerely thank you and welcome you at the upcoming conference.


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Locum Consultant Neurologist |  Sr CRA II - CNS - (United Kingdom) | Administration Specialist | Product Manager | Marketing - Student Placements 2018 | Clinical Trial Administrator | Neurology Conferences | International Market Access Director | Neurology Consultant – Yorkshire  Contract Clinical Project Manager | Acute Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist | Senior Account Executive | Neurology Meetings | Senior Audiologist | Account Manager | Junior Specialist Doctors – Lower | Sister/Charge Nurse  | Neurology Conferences | Neurology SpR/Consultant – Norfolk | Trust Grade Doctor in Stroke Medicine | Clinical Sales Application Specialist - Blood Analysis | SMA Senior Medical Manager | Registered Nurse - Trustwide | Neurology Conferences | Experienced Registered Nurse - Neurosciences | Sister/ Charge Nurse | Neurology Conferences | Consultant in Diagnostic/Interventional Neuroradiology | Junior Specialist Doctor (Standard) in Neurology | Neurology Meetings | Staff Nurse | Paediatric Department - Staff Nurse | Locum Band 6/7 Adults Speech and LanguageTherapist | Neurology Conferences | Branch Manager/Sales & Marketing - Medical Technology | Consultant in Diagnostic/Interventional Neuroradiology | Neurology Meetings | Senior Staff Nurse | Medical Manager | Medical Sales - Mobile Operating Theatres | Consultant Neurologist | Clinical Study Physician (Neurology) | Neurology Conferences | Medical Manager – Neurology | Senior Medical Advisor – Immunology | Neurology Meetings | European Medical Director – Psychiatry | Director of Clinical Research – Neurology | Senior Medical Manager, EMEA Neurology | Senior Medical Manager – Neuro |  


Physician – Neurologist | Neurology Physician  |  Neurologist – UnityPoint Clinic – Multi-Specialty Clinic | Research Assistant | Neonatal Neurology Faculty | Neurosurgeon | Neurologist – Interventional | Subspecialty Academic Neurologist | Outpatient Neurologist  | Neurology Conferences | Neurologist – Willowbrook | Child Neurologist | Research Associate III – Neuroscience & Cell Biology | NeuroMuscular – Neurologist – St. Anthony Hospital | Stroke Neurologist | Neurologist – Headache Job | Neurology Conferences | Neurodiagnostic Technician | Neurologist Physician Elizabeth, NJ Consultant | Research Associate III – Neuroscience & Cell Biology | Board Certified Neurologist | Veterinarian- Neurologist | Neurology Meetings | Neurohospitalist Opportunity in Sunny Central Florida | Neurologist (Sunport) | Neurology Conferences | Physician MD/DO In~Patient Neurologist | Neurologist- Mercy Hospital Jefferson, MO | Clinical Academic Movement Disorder Neurologist | Clinical Academic Movement Disorder Neurologist | Reading Physician – Neurologist | Neurologist Opportunity – Mercy Hospital Washington | Neurology Conferences | Neurologist for West Palm Beach  |  Physician – Neurologist – Escanaba, MI | Neurology Meetings | Neurologist- Allen Memorial Hospital | Medical Research Specialist | Neurologist-Vascular   |  Neurology Opportunity Orlando, Florida | Outpatient Neurologist – Northwest Neurology | Neurologist | Neurology Conferences | Neurologist Physician San Francisco, CA Consultant | Neurologist – Neurophysiology | Neuromuscular Neurologist | Neurologist-Multiple Sclerosis Job | Neurology Meetings | Neurologist – General | Neurologist – Neurophysiology | Cerebrovascular Neurologist | Neurology Conferences | Instructor or Assistant Professor | Neurologist Physician Elizabeth, NJ Consultant | Neurologist – Pearland | Neurophysiologist – Jacksonville, FL | Neuroscience Intern | Neurologist – Central WI  |  Clinical Neurologist: Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology | Neurophysiologist – Jacksonville, FL |  


Associate Consultant/ Consultant- DM Neurology | Consultant Doctor | Neuro Surgeon  |  Specialized and Super specialized Doctors | Neurology Conferences | Associate Consultant | Neuro ICU/NCCU/Neuroscience Critical Care Unit-Nurse Manager | Orthopedic Neurology RN | Neurology Meetings | Chief of Medical Staff | Neurology Conferences | Pediatric Dentistry Consultant | Cancer Center Service Manager | Neuropsychiatrist | Stroke Neurologist | Research Associate | Researcher |


Neurology Companies:

Abbott Laboratories | Acadia Pharmaceuticals | Benzer Pharmacy | Cambrex Corporation | Century Pharmaceuticals | Danco Laboratories | Diffusion Pharmaceuticals | Editas Medicine | Emergent BioSolutions | Fabre-Kramer Pharmaceuticals | Neurology Conferences | F. Harvey Company | Galena Biopharma | Neurology Meetings | K. Mulford Company | Help Remedies | ImmunoGen | Immunomedics | Jones Pharma |  KaloBios Pharmaceuticals | Kinetic Concepts | Leiner Health Products | Angiotech Pharmaceuticals | Arbutus Biopharma | Concordia Healthcare | Nordion | PainCeptor Pharma |  Telesta Therapeutics | Valeant Pharmaceuticals | Zymeworks | Empire Laboratories | 3M Health Care Ltd | Neurology Meetings | Allen & Hanburys Ltd | Abbott Laboratories Inc | Neurology Conferences | Bausch & Lomb UK Ltd | Baxter International | Ceuta Healthcare Ltd | Chauvin Pharmaceuticals Ltd | Chefaro UK Ltd | Chemical Search International Ltd | Dermal Laboratories Ltd | Dexcel-Pharma Ltd | Neurology Meetings | Exelgyn Laboratories | Neurology Conferences | Ford Medical Associates Ltd | Forest Laboratories UK Ltd | Generics Ltd | Genus Pharmaceuticals | AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd | HK Pharma Ltd | Advaxis | ACG Worldwide | BioMarin Pharmaceutical | Bionovo | Biotecnol | Covance | Crucell | CSL Limited | Neurology Meetings | Daiichi Sankyo | Horizon Pharma | Hovione | Incepta Pharmaceuticals | Neurology Conferences | OneWorld Healt | The ACME Laboratories Ltd | Beximco Pharma | Cheng Fong Chemical Co. Ltd | Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals | Neurology Meetings | Aanjaneya Lifecare Limited | Hetero Drugs | Astellas Pharma | Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. | Neurology Conferences | Celltrion Healthcare | Hanmi Pharmaceutical | Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  | Drug Biocodex | Centurion Pharma Ilac | Biomed Pharma | Sarvet Poultry | Oubari Pharma | Syrian Allied Medical Group | Neurim Pharmaceuticals | Dexcel Pharma Technologies Ltd |


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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!

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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!

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EuroSciCon, founded in 2001 is a UK based independent life science Events Company with predominantly business and academic client base. The key strategic objective of EuroSciCon is to communicate science and medical research between academia, clinical practice and the pharmaceutical industry. Most of its events are in Europe and London or live streamed. EuroSciCon expanded its operations to international in association with Meetings International, Singapore. All major meetings of EuroSciCon and Meetings International will issue Continued Professional Education (CPD), Continued Education (CE), Continued Medical Education (CME) Credits.

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